Sunday, August 29, 2010

Palm Springs Trip

Overall it was a really cool "tourist" activity!

We saw this crazy alligator lizzard. I'm glad this isn't the one that keeps getting into my pantry...

We walked around the park a little.

So different from the city below...

There were trees!

This is looking up. We couldn't even see our detination...

It was such a cool view!

This was our view leaving the station.

Our "tourist" activity was going on a tram that rotated 360 degrees up to a park at 10,000+ feet. This is the tram.

Maybe Lucky the Pig will bring me some luck with school this year...

The place we love to eat has such a beautiful view!

Sarah & I decided to head out to Palm Springs for some outlet shopping before my school started full-time... As usual, we had a ton of fun and shopped too much :0) We even did a "tourist" activity this time!

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