Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bob & Colleen Experience Las Vegas

Bob & Colleen loving the display at the Bellagio!

True to form, Nick got "too hot" with the poncho on and took it off mid show. That was just before he got drenched with a spray of cold banana like nasty stuff. The shirt was unsalvagable!

Bob & Colleen after the show.

We ended up with a pile of paper on our laps.

We of course wore them too since we were closer to center stage!

For those in the front few rows (Nick had the brilliant idea of getting us front row) we had to wear ponchos.

Bob & Colleen before the show!

Colleen & I in the Vinetian

We walked past the Blue Man Group theater earlier in the day. We loved this poster!
For thier graduation gifts, we treated Bob & Colleen to a trip out west! We started with a weekend in Vegas and then headed back to Phoenix!

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