Sunday, August 7, 2011

Girls (+ Landon) Brunch

Landon...probably wondering why we are all standing over him trying to get him to look and smile

Ella Rose

Yeah, Landon has definitely surpassed Ella in size

Love sleeping babies :0)

Ella is sittin with the girls...

...and chewing on her foot

This little boy is ready to go!

Friends---Kathy, Kim, Becky & Landon, Erin & Ella, & Sarah

Bob & Colleen's Wedding

Here are some of my favotire photos from Bob & Colleen's wedding. Since my camera was MIA these pics are from Katie Morrow & Steve Girard!

Nick, Me & Bob

Mom, Bob & Dad

Bob & Dad

Mom & Dad---love this!

Nick, Me, Bob, Mom & Dad

Bride & Groom!

Love this one too!

The bridesmaids :0)

Colleen & I

Nick & I relaxing at the reception

Brandon & Elizabeth's Wedding

Brandon & his twin brother and best man Kevin

Brandon & Elizabeth

The girls!

Nick & JBIII

The happy newlyweds!

Brandon, Elizabeth, Me & Nick

Colleen's Shower

Colleen playing the card game

Mother of the Bride and Maid of Honor

Colleen's Grandma cut out pictures of Colleen and put them all over her gift---so cute!

Laura & Megan were making hats out of all of the gift wrap

Mrs. Host made these---such a creative gift!

Look at that amazing boquet

AANP Conference Las Vegas, NV 2011

Me with my rose from the 96 year-old woman who established the first NP program!

Memorial Day Party

The drink table!

Our set-up!

Our backyard

Nick setting up the yard

Ella & I

Lizzy REALLY wanted to hold baby Ella and practice for her second little baby brother :0)

Erin & Ella

Sarah's Goodbye :0(

Sarah & I drinking red wine (of course) before she left us to go back to Minnesota :0( Excited for her but sad that she's leaving!