Saturday, January 16, 2010

Christmas 2009~Dad & Mom and Steve & Al

We enjoyed Christmas Eve/Day with Dad & Mom and Steve & Al. The Girard men golfed on Christmas Eve and we went to Mass at our favorite Church. Then we enjoyed dinner, drinks, and Wii. Christmas day was relaxing. We enjoyed presents, naps, an awesome mexican style breakfast made by Nick & Al and a Honeybaked Ham dinner prepared by them as well!

Yummy rosemary potatoes!

Steve sampling the bread

Al was dressed in red & green...and eating Honeybaked Ham

Dad & Mom

They used every pan we had!

Me with my coffee and Steve working on his GPS watch while we waited for Nick & Al to come back from the store.

And my Coach purse with wallet...

A flexible tripod for my camera

Blu-Ray Player


Dad was excited about his water bottles, especially after just getting back from a run!

Mom opening her necklace from Dad on Christmas Morning!

More swordfighting. We also did bowling.

Wii Swordfighting

Dad changed into this Christmas bowtie.

Yes, I am married to this person and often wonder if i live with a clown. Nick in his Rick's shirt, pastel plaid shorts, brown dress socks (still from Church), and Michigan crocs. It is such a HOTTT look :0)

This pretty much sums up Christmas Eve...Crown & Bombay

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