Saturday, October 3, 2009

Europe~Ireland~Day 10

We walked back to the hotel along the river

At Jameson

I am now an official Jameson Irish Whiskey taste tester!

Our tour guide

Nick at the Jameson Distillery

Jameson Distillery

We ate lunch in one of the bars and they had a traditional Irish music band

The Guinness Harp

Look how many pints this holds! Nick is up a set of stairs and this is on the ground!

Nick tasting some of the barley

Ingredient #5 Arthur Guinness and his original recipe

Ingredient #4 Water~they have a huge indoor waterfall

Ingredient #3 Yeast

Ingredient #2 Hops

Ingredient #1 Barley

These are all of the various Guinness bottles from over the years

This is the original contract for the brewery~its 250 years old this year!

We are finally here!

St. James Gate

Artistic masks on the walk to the Guinness Storehouse

Flowers on the walk to the Guinness Storehouse

Isn't it nice that they help you out with which way to look since the cars are driving on the "wrong" side of the road?!?!

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